Your company’s logo is a strong visual message.
It takes only seconds for the customer to automatically create an image of your company in their head.
This is why it’s so important that it evokes positive feelings and adequate associations.

How is it made?

The first, most important stage of creating a logo, is our conversation, during which we will determine its character and recipients. If you let me know you better, our cooperation will be fluent and effective, because it will be much easier for me to reflect the concept of your brand.

Next, I will present you three conceptual versions of the logo in different styles, from which we will choose one to continue working on, until you accept it fully.

What do you recieve?

After accepting the basic version of the logo, I send you a package of files, which includes several vector and raster file types, that enable you to use the logo in print (also in large format printing) and web. You will also filnd a few composition variants (horizontal, vertical, in color and in b&w).

How much does it cost?

A basic logo design costs 220 €. For all additional elements, such as business cards and brand identity, there is an extra charge.